1. Prevent disease

The increase in humidity causes the tiny hairs in the nose to move. These hairs can filter bacteria and viruses to prevent colds and flu. Increasing humidity can also help prevent nosebleeds.

2. Treat the disease

An air humidifier can help soothe and moisturize some cold or flu symptoms, including irritation of the nasal cavity, throat and bronchi, and help you breathe and sleep easier.

3. Protect the furniture

Wooden furniture and floors react negatively to too much or too little moisture in the air. Too little moisture will cause the wood to crack and crack. Adding a humidifier to any room with wooden furniture can help maintain the integrity of the wood.

4. Keep your voice

The sound ray needs to be soft and well lubricated to vibrate and produce the best sound. Dehydration, viruses, or eating the wrong food may cause you to lose the ability to sing, and severely, you may be unable to speak. So keeping the air moist, especially when you sleep, can help you recover.
5. Moisturize your skin

Adding heat through the winter can make your skin tight, dry and itchy. Especially the skin on the hands, the lack of oil glands makes it easier to dry. Chapped lips also happen frequently this winter. A humidifier can help keep it moist.

6. Create warmth

Not only does a humidifier resist the dry skin that usually accompanies winter, it also warms your home. The more moisture in the air, the warmer the room feels. Air with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 10% humidity will feel like 67 degrees, but with a humidity of 50%, it will feel 69 degrees.

7. Reduce snoring

The nose and soft palate can increase snoring when they are at low water levels. Of course, you can also drink a lot of water to increase moisture, but the air humidifier can also increase the moisture content of the air while repelling dryness, thereby reducing snoring.

8. Control static electricity

Static electricity is an electric charge in a static state. In the dry and windy autumn and winter, in daily life, people often encounter this phenomenon: when undressing and going to bed at night, crackling noises are often heard in the dark, and accompanied by blue light; when meeting and shaking hands, the fingers just touched When you reach the other person, you will suddenly feel the tingling pain of your fingertips, which is shocking; when you get up and comb your hair in the morning, your hair will often "float" and become more and more messy; when you pull the door handle or turn on the faucet, you will get an "electric shock", often The sound of "pop, pop, pop" is the static electricity that occurs in the human body. The humidifier can reduce the possibility of static electricity in winter.

9. Reduce the damage of electronic products.

Drying in winter causes static electricity to be generated, and too much static electricity also affects electronic products. When electronic products are used improperly, static electricity will react with them and cause product damage. The humidifier can reduce the discharge of static electricity. Advantageously, such problems are avoided.

10. Promote plant growth.

Many indoor plants need a high-humidity growth environment, and in winter, the humidity in the air drops, and plants do not have a good environment, which causes plant leaves to wither and even die. Add a humidifier, the plants will get a better growth environment, making the indoor vitality.