Worried about harmful microbes and lung infection? Want to quickly turn your room into an "oasis"? Homvana H111 can up 10%RH in just 13mins, With the pioneering 212℉ STEAMoist™ Tech, the humidifier sprays the healthiest sterilized mists of a warm temp, safeguarding you and your families against any inferior and unhealthy mist.

If you want to remote smart control humidifier anytime & anywhere, you can choose Homvana H111S.

Weather dry? Need to buy an extra aroma diffuser? Feel noisy at night? You can slect Homvana H101, Cool Mist Humidifier + Aromatherapy + Mood Light, purchase for once to satisfy all you expect! Unique SilentSpray Tech, 23dB Undisturbed Sleep.


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