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How to maintain the ultrasonic series humidifier?

in New Rooms

1. The humidifier should be rotated on a stable plane with a height of 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters, away from heat sources, corrosives and furniture, and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Use when the relative humidity is less than 80%, and adjust the constant humidity button to adjust the RH drug to 40%~75%.

3. Do not touch the water surface with your hands, and do not use it in an empty box. Drain the water in the tank when moving. Not upside down.

4. The water used should be below 40℃, and other kinds of chemicals should not be added.

5. According to your own requirements for humidity, reasonably adjust the spray volume and constant humidity value.

6. Do not use it under freezing conditions, and stop immediately when encountering a fault.

7. Clean the humidifier once a week. Do not put the machine into water during cleaning. The wetness of cleaning water should not exceed 50℃.

8. Do not use detergent, kerosene, alcohol, etc. to clean the body and parts. Do not disassemble parts by yourself.

9. Use a soft brush to clean the transducer; wipe the water tank with a soft cloth, once every two weeks; wipe the sensor with a soft cloth; clean the water tank and shake it two or three times before pouring it out.